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Easter Sunrise

Becoming the people of God to share the love of Jesus Christ with others.
"Together, we can open hearts, open minds and open doors"

The People of the United Methodist Church

Sunday Service at 10:30 a.m.

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We welcome you to the Farnham Memorial United Methodist Church/Trinity United Methodist
Church! We are glad you’ve visited our website, and we hope you will visit in person. We are a
group of Christians not only from the Pittsburg/Colebrook area, but we often have visitors from
all over the northeast who come to this area for outdoor recreation. One thing we all have in
common is that we love learning about God, and we want others to learn how God gives
meaning to our lives today. Everyone is welcome to worship with us. Come learn with us as we
seek to follow in the way of Jesus. There’s a new wind blowing—catch the Spirit!

Pastor Eric Fustel

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