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How to Pray

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Many people want to pray but don’t know how. Actually there is no formula, no right way or
wrong way. Prayer is simply being aware of God, sharing whatever is on your mind with God,
and sensing how God is responding. For a pattern you might try the “You, Who, Do, Through”
• “You” is how you imagine the Spirit of all that is good. It might mean Father, Mother,
Parent, Friend, or even, You Who Is More Than I Understand.
• “Who” is any way you can recall how God has worked in the past, for example, “You who
made this beautiful planet,” or “You who gave me life,” or “You who has helped me in the
• “Do” is what you need God to do at this particular time. Remember, God is spirit and may
not work in tangible ways, but God can influence people and events, and help us respond
creatively to our circumstances.
• “Through” is who we pray through—we pray through the name of Jesus, through the
character of Jesus, meaning that we ask as if Jesus were the one doing the praying.
• “Amen” is a word that ends our prayers. It expresses our agreement with what we just said;
we are reminding ourselves and God of our sincerity in asking.
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